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Quincy Elliott is a 24 year-old University of California, Riverside Alumni with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater, Film, and Digital Production. His initial goal envisioned him becoming a film director but sometime during his third year in college, he realized creating a movie with his exact vision would require more resources and capital than he had readily available. With his strong creative vision and film being something he could always pursue later in life, becoming a fashion designer with hopes of one day being creative director at one of the LVMH houses became his adjacent goal.

Since he graduated high school in 2016, Quincy has amassed a portfolio that highlights working closely with members of the A$AP Mob to recording artists like Rae Sremmurd and Coi Leray (Red Carpet Grammy Award appearance in Essence Magazine 2020). These opportunities gave him the insight needed to create his own opportunity, also known as The Golden Era. 


What started as a far-fetched idea in his iPhone notes manifested into a full-fledged 90’s collection + runway show set to premiere this summer. A physical and promising start to a full-time career as a Mens and Womenswear fashion designer and all around creative. Quincy’s endeavors range from DJing, Graphic Design, Music Production, Photography, Videography, Website Design to; designing clothes under his brand, Midtrovert. 


Midtrovert is an all-inclusive creative label that pushes like-minded artists to create from an original perspective. 


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