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Creative Direction

Marino Infantry + Marino Infantry Skate Team
January 2019 - June 2021

BTS of Mr. Feeny Music Video Shoot featuring A$AP Ant & Lulu P off of Enter the Infantry Vol 2 compilation mixtape

Part 2

Part 3

Marino Infantry
LA Pop Up
May 2021


During my time with Marino Infantry and Marino Infantry Skate Team I worked directly with A$AP Ant/YG Addie and multiple members of the collective.


YG Addie – Lulu P – Lord Fubu – Soduh – AMX Plugg


What initially started as an internship position late 2018, eventually grew into an operational skate team with a roster of 12 skaters ranging from LA to NY and Paris.


I was responsible for tasks not limited to:


  • Creating design mockups

  • Designing new T-Shirt logos for the

  • Facilitating skaters schedules for meet ups

  • Curating locations to shoot at

  • Coordinating group chats between signees and the brand owner 

  • Creating soft contracts and liability waivers for signed skaters

  • Troubleshooting website & social media 

  • Communicating with video editors and establishing a date and time for deliverables

  • Quality Control of content produced and garments in production

  • Customer Service (email marketing, responding to Direct Messages and comments across all social media platforms i.e Instagram, Twitter)

  • Facilitating locations for skaters to film clips at

  • Creating soft contracts for signees of Skate Team

  • Designing and proofing flyers for Skate Team meet ups

  • Designing and proofing item layouts for collection drops

  • Social Media management

  • Filming and collecting footage for a compilation Skate Team DVD

  • Packaging media content to be ready for production

  • Shipping tees

  • Order fulfillment (from initial mock up to physical item i.e. a Skate Team NFRS Tee)

  • Liaison between brand owner and screen printer

  • Shopify store management and troubleshooting (front and back end)

  • Delivering footage to editors

  • Developing creative direction and marketing schematic for social media videos

  • Coordinating the ‘Production Team’ on days of shoot

  • Creating creative concepts

  • Transporting staff to/from meet ups

  • Analytical growth: Marino Infantry Skate Team (0 Followers to 2500, 3 Month Span)

  • Recruiting new skaters

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